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Building on its 30 years of expertise, Cal-a-Vie Health Spa now offers guests unprecedented access to vital personal health and wellness information through extensive blood testing. Onsite blood testing allows guests to reap even more health benefits while at the property.

What To Expect Once You've Completed Your Blood Draw

Expect an email from WellnessFX in 3-5 business days after your blood draw letting you know that your results have come in. WellnessFX has won numerous awards for our data visualizations. Anytime you sign in to your account you can take advantage of our user-friendly platform.

You will be able to easily see the areas you’re excelling in as well as areas that may need more attention. Click on each biomarker to learn more about what each marker means and how you can improve your health, step by step.


Traditional medicine has focused primarily on treating sickness. WellnessFX was created to provide convenient, interactive, and individualized service focused on optimizing wellness. It combines cutting-edge diagnostics and enhanced data visualizations with guidance from licensed medical professionals to provide a better way to manage your health. The WellnessFX platform offers convenient web, mobile, and messaging features that make managing your health easier than ever.

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