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My WellnessFX blood test revealed a hormone imbalance I was unaware of. I was also severely deficient for some main nutrients. Through supplementation I not only improved my vitamin levels but was able to get my hormones back in balance. As a result my energy levels are up and my sleep is much better. This experience was life changing.

Kathrin Nikolussi, 36  Former Olympian





*Includes 20 minute nutritionist consultation


A closer look at heart health, basic thyroid, blood sugar, as well as inflammation and key vitamins including Vit D and B12.

Fitness Complete


*Includes 30 minute medical consultation


Everything in Foundation, plus a full spectrum of biomarkers such as performance hormones, thyroid markers, and metabolic function.

Women's Deep Dive


*Includes 30 minute medical consultation


An extensive package of women’s health-specific biomarkers.  These markers can indicate hormone imbalances that affect sleep, energy, longevity, and mood.


Traditional medicine has focused prmarily on treating sickness. WellnessFX was created to provide convenience, interactive, and indivudalized service focused on optimizing wellness. It combines cutting-edge diagnostics and enhanced data visualizations with guidance from licensed medical professionals to provide a better way to manage yourhealth. The WellnessFX platform offers convenient web, mobile, and messaging features that make managing your health easier than ever. 

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Your biochemistry is the most accurate way to understand how nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle affect your long-term health - get access to advanced blood tests, progressive health practitioners, and intuitive online data tracking.

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Expect an email from WellnessFX 5-10 business days after your blood draw letting you know that your results have come in. WellnessFX has won numerous awards for our data visualizations. Anytime you sign in to your account you can take advantage of our user-friendly platform.

You will be able to easily see the areas you’re excelling in as well as areas that may need more attention. Click on each biomarker to learn more about what each marker means and how you can improve your health, step by step.

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"WellnessFX is what I would build for myself to track and measure my performance."

Tim Ferriss, 37

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