Managing Chronic Pain and Disease With Simple Diet Tweaks

Featuring Mark Sisson, Author of Mark's Daily Apple and The Primal Blueprint

Mark Sisson (Mark’s Daily Apple) spent many years as an award-winning endurance athlete. While he looked like the picture of health, his insides told a different story. Mark suffered from chronic pain, fatigue, gastrointestinal maladies and numerous respiratory tract infections until he discovered The Primal Blueprint.

In this 45-minute Google Hangout, you'll learn:

  • The Primal Blueprint 8 key concepts and why they’re life-changing
  • How to achieve your ideal body composition
  • How to eliminate sugar cravings and naturally control your appetite
  • The benefits of a high-fat diet and why it’s actually healthy!
  • How to be satisfied at every meal and get the body you crave - even for the “unmotivated” types

Check out the replay of our webcast here and pass along to your friends! 

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